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Abhishek Patra is used for sprinkling holy water on the pious statues of deities hence also known as ‘Jal Patra’. This is a brass Patra with Nandi head in the end due to which it is also known as’ Gaumukhi Patra’ or ‘Nandi Patra’. The long tube-like structure of the Patra makes it easy for the user to sprinkle the water on the idols. The benefit of buying a brass Patra is, unlike copper ones it will not get rusted with time.
It is primarily used for bathing lord Shiva or Shivlinga but can be used for other deities as well. The Patra can also be used in marriages for showering the guests with scented water.
Price: Rs. 179
Product link: http://pujasamagrionline.in/product/jal-abhishek-patra-online-bathing-idols/

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Trishul is not only the weapon of Mata but is also the pious symbol and weapon of Shivji too. You can place this holy weapon of Shiv Ji in your house. This simple yet beautiful metallic Trishul will enhance the look of your Mandir. Trident is the symbol of power and strength. The flat surface at the bottom of the brass Trishul helps it to stand properly and steadily.
Price: Rs. 119
Product link: http://pujasamagrionline.in/product/trishul/

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Damaru is the instrument of lord shivji and also, it is associated with Tibetan religion. Tibetan people use damru as a musical instrument. We have a beautiful damru which will look beautiful in your mandir. It is painted and have multicolored patterns and the thread tied on the damaru is very strong. There are beads at the end of the thread. The sound created by the damaru is soul soothing.
Price: Rs. 70
Product link: http://pujasamagrionline.in/product/damru/

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The dress of the shiv Parivar is in tiger print. The dress is vibrant and pretty. The Shiv Parivar includes Shiv Ji, Parvati Ji, Ganesh Ji and Kartekya Ji. The set includes poshak for Shiv Ji, lehnga, and patka for Parvati Ji and choli and patka for Ganesh Ji. The dresses are in beautiful yellow color with some golden color work. There is a circular cut in the poshak of Shiv Ji so as it can fit around the Shivlinga of Shiv Ji.
Price: Rs 499/-
Product link: http://pujasamagrionline.in/product/shiv-ji-poshak/

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Rudraksha mala is made up of seeds extracted from the Rudraksha plant. The seed looks like a dry brown fruit. It was believed that after Shiv Ji opened his eyes after a long period of meditation, a tear fell from his eyes to the earth and took the form of a rudraksha seed. There are many benefits to wearing Rudraksha Mala like it reduces blood pressure, stress, prevents from past omens etc.
Price: Rs 99/-
Product link: http://pujasamagrionline.in/product/rudraksha-ki-mala/

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Narmedaswar Shivlinga is found on the bed of the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh. The benefits of worshiping Narmadeshwar shivling is, it helps in getting you rid of all the diseases. To achieve success in life one shall perform daily puja of Narmedeswar Shivlings. This Narmedeswar Shivlings also helps in maintaining the warm relation between husband and wife. This holy Shivlinga is available on pujasamagrionline.in
Price: Rs 199/-
Product link: http://pujasamagrionline.in/product/shivling/

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Shivratri is the holy festival of Hindu religion. On this day the devotees remember lord Shiva and his holy sacrifice of drinking the poison during the samundra-manthan. On this day the devotees go to the small shrines or temples of lord Shiva to offer their devotion, do fasting, organize jagrans etc. We have a go-to-go thali prepared for you for this day. The thali has all the requirements. It includes roli, moli, dhoop batti, agar batti, cardamom, mishri, supari, janeu, ganga jal, kale til, jo, pair of copper naags, incense sticks etc.
Price: Rs 209/-
Product link: http://pujasamagrionline.in/product/shivratri-thali-with-copper-pair-of-snakes/

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