Karna is one of the major characters in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. He is the son of Surya and princess Kunti Devi. Kunti Devi who delivered Karna at a younger age and in an unmarried state leaves him in Ganges river by putting him in a basket. Then he was adopted and raised by his foster parents named Radha and Adhiratha Nandana, who was the charioteer of the king Dhritarashtra. Karna then becomes a loyal friend of Duryodhana. He is appointed as the king of Anga (Bengal) by Duryodhana. Karna joins the Duryodhana side of the Mahabharata war. He aim was to kill Arjuna, but he dies in the battlefield while fighting with Arjuna during the Kurushetra war. After his death, his soul reached the heavenly abode of Surya Loka, and he permanently stayed there with his father, Lord Surya Bhagavan.

Karna was known for his charity. He is the one, who never rejects anyone who comes to him for alms. He was well versed in martial arts and a reputed soldier in the battlefield. With the grace of his father Surya, he gained a healthy life. He never suffered from diseases and poverty. He leads a happy life through the blessings of the sun god. He was an able scholar and an expert in several kinds of arts. Even after knowing that death will occur to him when he gifts his earrings, he gifted his earrings to Lord Indra. He was such a noble soul, a generous and a kind-hearted man who lived by doing charity throughout in his life. Generally, whenever a person gifts money to another, the receiver of the money will praise him as “KARNA MAHARAJA” and “KARNA VALLAL”. He has earned such a name and fame even after several thousands of years.
Karna who was a great
Philanthropist and a nobleman are in Surya Loka. He possesses great good qualities and he is having the power equivalent to that of his father, Lord Surya. Through his good karmas, he is living in the divine abode of Surya Loka. Even now, he is having the power to fulfill our needs and wishes and to give a blessed life. If we worship him sincerely with pure bhakti, he will give us the necessities in our life with good health, wealth and happiness. Let us pray to him and chant his holy name.