Kundrakudi Adigalar (1925 – 1995) was born in a small village, in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. His birth name was Ranganathan. He was a great devotee of Lord Muruga.
He was against untouchability from his childhood, and he has shown humanism to everybody, without seeing their caste, creed or religion. He was a kind and a great person.
He was working as an accountant in the Dharmapuri Adheenam. After some time the chief of the Adheenam has made him as a Sanyasi with the name “Kandasami Thambiran”.
He has performed many religious services. He was then given the nickname “Arunachala Desika Paramacharya Swamigal”.
On 1949, he was crowned as the prince of Kundrakudi Adheenam. From then onwards, he became known as “THAVA THIRU KUNDRAKUDI ADIGALAR”.
He spread Hinduism across the globe. He insisted in worshipping god, in order to get relieved from problems. He has given several speeches in connection with the worship of God, and the importance of the Hindu religion. He was a great saint and possessed spiritual powers. People were admired with his knowledge and spiritual power. He developed a sense of satisfaction through his speech. His speech attracts a lot of crowds, and his speech was simple and straight forward in nature. His speech mainly relies on the development of the nation, spirituality and helping to the poor people.
He had visited many foreign countries. His travels made him as a cultural ambassador for Tamil Nadu. He cultivated spirituality and growth for the welfare of the Tamil people, living in foreign countries. Once while visiting Russia, he developed a scheme called “KUNDRAKUDI VILLAGE SCHEME”, and it was a very popular scheme.

He has written many books and also published magazines like Manimozhi, Tamilagam, and Arulosai.
1.Appar Virundhu
2.Appar, Sundarar, and Manickavasagar
4.Tamil amid
5.Hindu Literary works
6.In the footsteps of Nayanmars

Kundrakudi Adigalar who was a great Murugan devotee and a pious saint was not only created spirituality among the people but also has rendered religious and social services. His services were made him popular among the masses. He was worshipped and welcomed by everyone. Due to his saintly approach, he became a celebrated person. Let us worship him and Lord Muruga, and chant their names, and be blessed.