Yogi Vemana, was born in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. His birth name was Pidepala Pulla. He was an important poet in Telugu. His poems are very simple and can be read by anyone.
According to ancient texts, he was born on 16th century AD. Vemana was from a Telugu speaking community. He was the son of the king of Kondaveedu who ruled Andhra Pradesh.

From his childhood, he was attracted to spirituality and yoga. He considered both of them as equivalent and essential for the human life.
He also tells the importance of knowledge, faith and insisted people to go towards the right path and to ignore the wrong path. For that, he has asked them to follow the principles of patience, doing good to others, hard work and to avoid laziness, spreading the spirituality to the masses, and providing various social welfare activities for the welfare of the people. He has asked the people, to think several times, before doing a job and to examine the correctness of that. He asked the people to respect the elders and to obey them.
It is believed, that Vemana died in Kataru village at Andhra Pradesh.
Vemana’s poems were published in the 19th century. His poems are mainly based on spiritual and social nature. And also his poems focus on the importance of yoga.
A great yogi and a saint, who attracts his followers by his simple approach. He avoided luxuries and comforts. In most of his life, he wore only a piece of cloth in his body, and sometimes he appeared as a naked man in front of the people. Most of his photos were shown as a naked saint. He has left all the bad habits within him, and has become a “SIDDHA PURUSHA”, free from sins and led a happy life, and cured the diseases of his devotees and removed the ego in their life. Let us pray to this great and humble saint, and seek his blessings and live happily in our life.