It’s time to unravel the tranquilizing benefits of fiery flames from floating oil wicks. Yes, you read it right, an element as fiery and hot can leave a long-lasting peaceful impact on your soul. The key is to sit back, relax and study the fame.  

Casually sitting by a campfire or fireplace is one thing but deeply focusing on the flames is what we state as meditation. The latter can profoundly leave you with an inspirational, enlightening, and calming experience.

Here are the top 4 ways of staring into the flame of floating oil wicks to benefit your mind, body, and soul:

Lights up your imagination:

For ages, fire has been associated as a source of devastation, passion, and innovation. Yes, a single element constraining the versatile power to create as well as destroy. Making it extremely imbecile with its opposing but interwoven powers. It has been a pure source of inspiration for artists, poets, and musicians.

If used properly, a tiny flame flicker can inspire you with thousand creative ideas.  Sit with a pen and paper, a sketchbook, any of your favorite musical instruments, or anything you need to work on, and light a floating oil wick in a diya filled with oil. 

With a calm mind, while you meditatively gaze into its flame, it can actually “ignite” some brilliant thoughts. 

Putting your mind on track:

If you watch the floating oil wick closely, something about its flame’s off-rhythm crackle draws your attention and lets you concentrate back on your thoughts. 

One fun yet obvious fact! Being around fire heightens your attention. How? It can be dangerous, after all. Thus enhancing your awareness and sensitivity, which is all we aim for while doing meditation.  

So next time you are going to study, do not forget to light a diya or lamp with a floating oil wick and place it carefully on your study table. 

Caution: Not too close to your books, or they may catch fire. 

Focus on the elemental forces:

Watching a flame crackle, sizzle, wax, and then dwindle can be very reflective. A well-managed burning diya can pleasantly provide order to a space. Chaos, devastation, and suffering may result from an out-of-control fire.

We all possess these forces. Thus, it is the same with us. When we maintain perspective, keep our forces unified, and keep everything in order, growth, passion, innovation, and forward motion can occur. 

A lot of harm can be done when our inner elements are dispersed and out of control. While you observe the flames, consider the following.

Just relax and pay attention to the floating oil wick flames. Breathe slowly and pay attention to the flicker of the flames all around you. With both your body and your thoughts, embrace the present. Its feature of lasting 7+ hours ensures you meditate as long as you desire.

A relaxing experience:


Being the oldest source of heat, relaxation is the byproduct of the warmness offered by fire. Calmness comes when there is warmness, and the best place to unwind is next to this ancient heat source, i.e., fire. Sitting next to a burning flame can help you focus your thoughts and unwind while you bask in the warmth. You can achieve a deeper state of meditation and a more acute awareness of the present moment by deliberately relaxing every muscle in your body.

Just know that you have a wonderful companion for your meditation in the form of a floating oil wick. If you need more motivation and calming elements while you focus, look at our most hot-selling Om poster.