500 Oil Wicks Box – The Perfect Way to Brighten Up Your Home!

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Bring a warm and welcoming ambiance to your home with our 500 Floating Oil Wicks Box! Each wick is carefully crafted from top-quality materials to ensure a consistent and long-lasting floating oil wick. Whether you’re lighting a diya for your prayer room or simply decorating a creating a lively atmosphere in your living room, our floating oil wicks are the perfect choice. With 500 floating oil wicks in each box, you’ll have plenty to last you through many peaceful prayers and meditation. So, add this must-have item to your shopping cart now and let the warm glow of floating oil wicks bless your day!


  • Floating oil wicks are made of cork, making them pure.
  • Floating Oil Wicks are also known as Vattulu Karteekamasam in Kannada, Mitakkum Eṇṇey Viks in Tamil and Tēliyāḍē Camuru in Telugu.
  • Parsi vat is a perfect substitute for cotton wicks. Cotton wicks soak lots of oil as compared to cork based floating oil wicks.
  • Floating oil wicks are the perfect medium size to fit all holders or diyas.
  • Also, it floats on the oil instead of sinking in it.
  • Parsi vat lasts long, for around 7+ hours. (under right circumstances)
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Oil wicks make my puja process so much easier.
- guptaji hindu

Highly recommend these oil wicks for daily puja rituals.
- rhekha pali

These oil wicks burn steadily and don't leave any residue.
- dewakr bhati

Oil wicks from this brand are my go-to choice for puja samagri.
- Shashank shri

These oil wicks are long-lasting and economical.
- nakul singh

Great tradition.
No words are enough to describe the efficacy of this wick.
This cotton wick, lightly toughened with wax is inserted in a cork coin with tin foil top. The cork allows it to float on the oil. The foil prevents the cork from burning. The wick height above oil is adjustible.
The highlight is, there is no blackening of the diya. The wick gives a steady flame for a long long time. After oil is exhausted, it estinguishes , doesn't burn itself.

I got what I wanted. I am happy with it
- Anju Singhal

Very nice and convenient
The best part is that I can place it conveniently in a Diya filled with oil and it lights till the oil is over. Very happy
- SC

Additional information

Weight 238 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 6 cm

3 reviews for 500 Oil Wicks Box – The Perfect Way to Brighten Up Your Home!

  1. Puja Samagri Online

    Very good product

  2. Vedika Goyal

    Outstanding oil wicks

  3. abhinav

    good wicks

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Best Product To Brighten Up Your Temple

Puja Samagri Online has the best products to brighten up your temple. We all want the best when it comes to our temple and you’re in the right place to fulfill your puja needs. What a way to start the day on good notes other than our star product, Floating oil wicks(Parsi Vat), a must-have to bring light into your temple. Puja Samagri Online.in guarantees all their products. Shop for all the necessary things for daily puja routine and festivals from the comfort of your house.

Absolutely safe and pure

We take complete precautions and measures while packaging delivering your favorite products so that you don’t have to hesitate while ordering them. Our essential measures include:

Water Resistance

Well Sanitized

Absolute Quantity

No Broken Wicks

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do floating oil wicks last?

It usually goes on for 7+ hours, given there is oil in the container in which the wick is floating.

What fuel do you use for floating oil wicks?

For lighting up a floating oil wicks or Parsi vat, you can use any liquid-based oil like mustard oil, vegetable oil, etc. Solidified ghee may not work that best. Molten ghee or ghee in liquid form will work great.

What is a floating oil wick made of?

The base of a floating oil wick is made up of good quality cork. Second is the candle-like wick, which is made from cotton and has premium quality wax around it.

Why does my oil lamp wick burn so fast?

When the floating oil wick cannot transfer enough oil to the flame, it goes off. The capacity of the wick to transfer oil decreases slowly.