Shailaputri is a manifestation of the Hindu goddess, Durga. She is the absolute form of Mother Nature.

During the Navratri festival, Hindu Goddess Durga is worshipped in her nine forms, called NavaDurga. On the first day of the Navratri festival Maa Shailputri is revered by devotees.

On this auspicious day, poojas are being performed with devotion. Maa Shailputri is the daughter of the king of mountains, the Himalaya. She is known as Goddess Parvati, the better half of Lord Shiva & mother of lord Ganesha & lord Kartikeya.

Shailputri means daughter of the mountain. Goddess Durga is named Shailputri. She was born in the house of the King of Mountains.

Among the nine Durga forms, Shailputri is the first and foremost one. Devi Shailaputri has been considered the embodiment of patience.

In Navratri pooja, the first day is dedicated to Yogi’s keeping their mind concentrated on Muladhara to produce energy.

“Shailaputri” is thus the Muladhara Shakti to be realized within self. It is sought for higher depths in the yogic meditation.

Shakti is an important manifestation of the human body. According to a spiritual thought, when the mind is indecisive, then chanting the name of this Devi Shailaputi helps the mind to get centered and committed. It gives you power plus self-control.

Shilputri was Sati & daughter of Daksha. Once upon a time, Daksha performed a big Yagna without inviting Shiva. But Sati, the wife of Shiva, came there with lord Shiva. Daksha hurt Shiva.

Sati couldn’t tolerate this. So, she burnt herself. After that, she became the daughter of Himalaya & got married to Shiva as Hemavati.

Bhog Offered On This Day:

On each day of the Navratri festival different bhog is given. On the very first day, pure ghee is offered at the feet of the goddess.

At the end of prayer sessions, an Indian sweet dish is distributed to everyone. This way, worshipping Maa Shailputri makes our life worth living.

Why people worship Devi Shailaputri?

If an individual is continuously facing disharmony and bad health, then they must worship Devi Shailaputri to get rid of it. Her favorite flower is jasmine. So, it should be offered during puja. Devotees should also offer red coloured cloth piece to this form of Adi Shakti & wear same coloured outfit while worshipping.