Welcome to the world of Puja Samagri Online.

Puja Samagri Online is a venture by Mr. Gulshan Sapra and Mrs. Veena Sapra aimed at a retirement business plan of sorts, which flourished into becoming one of the pioneer names in the Indian devotional sphere, especially making its mark with providing daily pooja items like oil wicks and desi ghee wicks to every home in the nation.

Currently, the operations are handled by Anshu Sapra, keeping it all in the house to maintain the piousness and purity of the products, and maintaining safe deliveries. With hundreds of satisfied customers every month they only get encouraged

to serve more and spread more light

Our vision…

To Provide best quality religious items with purity, love and hygiene as our top priorities.


Why Puja Samagri Online?

Puja Samagri Online is a perfect mix of culture and technology.

We choose every product we sell based on our understanding of your need of purity and quality of products. And we use technology to make the experience delightful by providing products that are carefully packed and shipped in a seamless manner.

Our support team is available for all queries.
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Puja Samagri Online is loved by its clients for its service.
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