Floating oil wicks FAQ

How long do floating oil wicks last?

It usually goes on for 7+ hours, given there is oil in the container in which the wick is floating.

What fuel do you use for floating oil wicks?

For lighting up a floating oil wicks or Parsi vat, you can use any liquid-based oil like mustard oil, vegetable oil, etc. Solidified ghee may not work that best. Molten ghee or ghee in liquid form will work great.

What is a floating oil wick made of?

The base of a floating oil wick is made up of good quality cork. Second is the candle-like wick, which is made from cotton and has premium quality wax around it.

Why does my oil lamp wick burn so fast?

When the floating oil wick cannot transfer enough oil to the flame, it goes off. The capacity of the wick to transfer oil decreases slowly.

Can you use vegetable oil for lighting up floating oil wicks?

Yes, you can use any liquid oil for lighting up floating oil wicks/Parsi vat. Solid fuels like solidified desi ghee may not work effectively.

What is the best oil to burn in an oil lamp?

Mustard oil is traditionally used to light diyas. 

Why does my floating oil wick keep going out?

Ensure there is enough oil in the diya or lamp being used. If you are using water and oil mixture as a base, ensure that the layer of the oil is thick enough for the bottom side of the wick to be fully submerged in it. If the tip of the floating oil wick is touching the water, it will not be lit for long.

Are Parsi vat and floating oil wicks the same?

Yes, Parsi vat and floating oil wicks are the same product.

Is floating oil wick a religious product or decorative?

The best part is, floating oil wicks or Parsi vat can be used according to your convenience and preferences. It can be used as a decorative and a religious product as well.

How to light a floating oil wick?

  1. Take a lamp or diya and fill it with oil.
  2. Put the wick inside it, with the silver side up.
  3. Light a fire on the wick with a matchstick or a candle and it is lit.

Why is one side of floating oil wicks silver?

The silver part is the protective film that is on the top of the cork surface. This part ensures that the cork doesn’t get burnt and also the absorption of the oil to be limited to as much as needed and making sure that the flame doesn’t burn too bright and extinguish itself too fast.

Where do I get the best quality Floating Oil Wicks?

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Desi ghee wicks FAQ

How long do desi ghee wicks last?

They can easily go on for 20-30 mins.

What is a desi ghee wick made of?

Desi ghee wicks are made of cotton wicks with desi ghee around it.

How does a desi ghee wick work?

Because it’s actually made of combustible substance ghee, it works like a normal diya we have been using at homes, without you having to arrange for any fuel.

How to light a desi ghee wick?

Using our Desi ghee wick is the easiest thing.

All you have to do is, place the wick in a diya or any other wick holder and just light it.

Yes, that’s it!

Where do I get the best quality desi ghee wicks?

The answer is, right here! Get the most convenient desi ghee wicks in a click.

Do they have camphor in them?

No, they do not have any camphor in them. Only the scent of camphor is added to make them smell great when lit.

Do we need to add any fuel to light them?

As they’re purely made of Desi ghee, it is the best fuel in itself. There is no need to add any extra fuel.

Are they hygienic enough to be used for religious purposes?

Desi Ghee wicks are completely hygienic, made of pure substances like cotton and ghee. Even the packaging is done keeping your safety in mind, given the current circumstances.

For how long can they be stored?

You can store them long enough to sustain your supply for 6 months, easily.

Are they completely wax-free?

Yes, they’re absolutely wax-free. You can check it by finding no wax residue after the wick burns out completely.

If it is ghee, then why does it not melt at room temperature?

The ghee that is used for the wicks, is compressed so that it takes a solid form, and since it is tightly packed, it won’t melt at room temperature. However, it is advisable to keep them away from direct sunlight, preferably in the shade where it’s also dry.

Does the pack contain diya as well?

No, it only consists of desi ghee wicks.

Can they be used for daily purposes?

Our desi ghee wicks are very vital. They can be used for daily religious purposes in homes, temples or offices. They can also be brought into use for meditation.

How many wicks are there in a pack?

We offer two packs; one with 100 wicks per pack and the other with 60 wicks per pack.