Bhoothath Alvar (4203 BC) is one of the alvars among the twelve alvars. Bhoothath Alvar took birth in Mahabalipuram. Since he was very much attracted towards Lord Vishnu, and always chanting his name, and thinking about him only, without any attachment to the outside world, he obtained the name as Bhoothath Alvar.
Bhoothath Alvar’s famous writings were known as Irandam Tiruvandadhi.
Bhoothath Alvar is well known for singing songs by praising the glory of Lord Vishnu. He himself composed songs and sung in front of Vishnu deity.
He was well versed in all kinds of art and was an expert in writings songs and composing music. He shared his knowledge to others in a pleasing manner. He has also contained the good qualities of donating food to others, and welcoming the guests, and singing the glory of Lord Vishnu along with them. He was a humble scholar, who treats everyone as alike, and acts as an example for others.
Bhoothath Alvar, after his departure from earth, went to Vaikunda, the divine abode of Lord Vishnu, and he is always having the glimpse of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. He is chanting the god’s glory directly in front of him. He is also listening to the prayers of the devotees. He acts as a messenger between us and the god. Let us share our problems and difficulties to him, and find the ways through him. Since he is staying with the god, he will definitely help us to overcome our problems, and also to attain the divine abode of the god. Let us pray to Him and be blessed.