Paranjothi Munivar was born on 7th century AD. He was also known as Siruthondar Nayanmar, who was the army chief of the Pallava king Narasimavarman I. In course of time, Paranjothi left his job, and became a Sanyasi. LIFE
Paranjothi was born in a village in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. Paranjothi, was specialized in various martial arts, and went to Kanchipuram and learned Tamil literature and the principles of Shaivism.

Paranjothi was won in the battle between Narasimavarman, and the Chalukya king, Pulakeshin.
During the battlefield, Paranjothi was worshipping Lord Ganesha for his victory in the battle. After his victory in the battlefield, he took the statue of Vatapi Ganapathy to his birthplace Tiruchenkattankudi. Still, now the statue is kept in the temple in Tiruchenkattankudi in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. “VATAPI GANAPATHY” is a famous form of Lord Ganesha, who is widely worshipped by the people, especially by the people of Tamil Nadu from ancient times, for their success in their life.
After winning in the battle, his mind has changed, and he moved towards the spiritual path, and became a great Saivite saint with the name as “SIRUTHONDAR”. He is one among the 63 Saivite Nayanmars.
Paranjothi was a great Shiva devotee, and since he has become one of the nayanmars, he is living in the divine abode of Lord Shiva, the Kailasa. He is serving Lord Shiva in the Kailasa, along with other nayanmars and shiva ganas with pure bhakti. Let him bless us, and make us a devotee of Lord Shiva. Being an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, let him shower his grace on us, and show us the path of spirituality. Let us pray to this great saint, and be blessed.