Sarvajna was a great Kannada saint and philosopher of the 16th century and was born in Karnataka. His birth name was Pushpadatta. He was known as “the person who knows everything” and he was the master in all forms of art, and was a great scholar.
He has lived during the 16th century. Sarvajna was against ancient customs and traditions. He was against untouchability and caste discrimination. He treated all the people alike, irrespective of their gender, caste, creed or religion.
He was not only a poet but also a great saint, who was entirely devoted to Lord Shiva. He has spread the spirituality among the masses, through his speech. People were eagerly listened to his speech and changed their life in a better manner. He cultivated good habits among the people.
Sarvajna was specialized in writing small poems which were very simple, and easy to understand by anyone. His poems speak mainly of social and religious issues. Sarvajna’s knowledge is like a vast ocean.
His poems narrate the common problem of the people in their daily life. He also tells through his poems, how to tackle the problems in a difficult situation and to overcome the problems which we face.
Some of his writings can also be called as “GOLDEN QUOTES”, the essence of his quotes are as follows:-
1. Give food to the hungry.
2. Share your food similar to that of a crow.
3. Give respect to the woman, since she is the source of prosperity.
4. Truth alone triumphs.
5. Give money to the poor, through that you can satisfy the god.
6. Don’t talk unnecessarily to others.
7. Always be with the company of a good and best person.
8. Go to the temple with pure devotion in mind and concentrate your attention only on god and not on anything else.
9. Don’t argue with a fool, just agree with his explanation or simply keep quiet.
10. Learn to speak properly to others.
Sarvajna, through his spiritual speech and short poems, brings positive changes in the life of his followers. He was a great saint and a nobleman, who wins the heart of his followers. Through his great love and devotion, he has attracted a large number of people. Let us pray to him and be blessed.