Diwali, the delightful Indian festival that we all look forward to all year, falls in October-November every year and the joyousness this festival brings with itself is not the only reason that makes it a most-awaited festival. The significance of Diwali, the win of good over evil, the spirit of righteousness and prosperity is what makes this festival so special. 

This festival brings with it holidays that everyone looks forward to celebrating by decorating their homes and surroundings. Everyone looks forward to lighting diyas and fairy lights and burst crackers. But that’s not it. The essence of Diwali in puja of the goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh, here everyone prays to her for prosperity and wealth. This puja has a great significance in Hindu mythology.

But you know what actually symbolizes the festival? That is prayer and lights! The ways of celebration are different for all the people and there is a high contrast between the rich and the poor in that aspect but that’s not what matters. 

Irrespective of all the conditions and scenarios, everyone looks forward to filling themselves with purity and piousness that comes from praying to the goddess Lakshmi. 

Everyone puts up lights and diyas in their homes and plays their parts in lighting up everything around them, hence, living the essence of the festival. 

It’s the diyas that strike those religious feelings in us and fill our houses with positive vibes. And that’s something no other element can bring about in our lives. Let’s commit to bringing diyas to their full bloom this Diwali and for every Diwali coming over the years.

Needless to say, using diyas promotes Indian potters and this good deed is the least we can do for them.

And you know what can make your use of diyas all the more feasible? It’s the floating oil wicks that do not take long to get lit up and also stay lit for more than 7 hours on average. 

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