Lord Hanuman is said to have taken birth during Treta Yuga. He is well known for his bravery, generosity and humble nature. Everyone knows about his Rama Bhakti and through that, he has done several supernatural works. He is the main person in the epic “RAMAYANA”. All the authors of Ramayana praise his valor, courage, and strength. He is an avatar of Lord Shiva and is the son of Lord Vayu(Wind God). Because of his great help, Rama has succeeded in the war between him and Ravana and was able to get back Sita Mata from Ravana.
Even in his childhood, he tried to pick the god Sun, thinking him as a fruit. This shows his great powers. He was blessed by the divine gods, and they have granted him several boons. His importance is described in the stotra “HANUMAN CHALISA”. Generally, Hanuman Jayanthi and Rama Navami are the most important festivals celebrated in Hanuman temples.
A lot of temples are dedicated to Lord hanuman all over India. In Tamil Nadu, Namakkal Anjaneya and Nanganallur Anjaneya temples are famous temples, and in these temples, during Hanuman Jayanthi, Hanuman statue will be garlanded with Vada Malai, and vennai kappu is also done there.
Lord Hanuman was entirely devoted to Lord Rama. He is considered as a bachelor and is still living in the Himalayas, by chanting Rama Mantra. Till the end of kali yuga, he will be in the earth, and will bless all of his devotees, and give them a good life, health, and all prosperity in their life. According to ancient Puranas, hanuman will be the next Brahma after kali yuga and will do creative work.
It is very easy to please hanuman, by uttering the Rama Mantra. Whenever religious discourses on Ramayana takes place, he will be immediately present in that place and will hear the discourse. He took the Panchamukha avatar and appeared to Guru Raghavendra in Panchamukhi, which is situated nearby Mantralayam.
Several songs and mantras are there in praise of Lord Hanuman. In media also they have shown the character of Hanuman and his importance in Ramayana.
He was specially created by Lord Brahma to serve Lord Rama in the Treta Yuga. Though he possessed great power and strength, he will use it in case of necessity only, and for good purpose only. His bhakti with Lord Rama cannot be described in words. Whenever he hears the name of “LORD RAMA”, tears will flow down from his eyes and will dance with full of happiness. Let us pray to this humble and noble god, and chant Rama mantra repeatedly forever.