Channabasavanna was one of the important Lingayat saints of the 12th century. He played a key role in spreading the faith of Lingayats. His uncle was Basavanna, and he was brought up in his house.
His main devotional writings were the Karana Hauge, which is celebrated writing among the lingayats. He made many spiritual writings in the nickname of Kudala Channasangama. He took charge of Shunya Simhasana at Anubhava Mantapa, Kalyana, and he followed the footsteps of his uncle Basava and followed his principles. He established simple rituals for his followers. He was a staunch Shiva devotee and advises his followers to wear the Ishtalinga in their body. He attained Samadhi state at Ulavi, a village in Karnataka, at the age of 25, and his successor was Siddarama.
A temple of Channabasavanna is located at Ulavi in Karnataka State, India which is also a famous pilgrimage center for the tourists. It is situated amidst dense forests with full of greenery and natural beauty.

Devotees who are coming from different parts of the country, visit the temple of Channabasavanna, worship him with pure faith, and take bath in the holy waters, in order to wash out their sins. Three times puja is performed daily in this temple.
Channa basavanna, who was a great saint, scholar, and a poet, has dedicated his entire life towards the devotion of Lord Shiva. He has attained siddhi at a younger age. He controlled his senses and concentrated on devotion to Lord Shiva. He has also involved in several social welfare activities for the welfare of the people. Let us worship this great “SAINT” and chant his name repeatedly and be blessed.