Pamban Gurudasa Swamigal, who is also known as Pamban Swamigal, was a great saint and a poet. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga.
Pamban Swamigal was born in 1850, to a Saivite family at Rameswaram. His birth name was Appavu, but later became known as Pamban Swamigal.
Even at a younger age, he was interested in writing poems in praise of Lord Muruga, and he has written many poems on Lord Muruga. He was also a devotee of the great saint Arunagiri Nathar, and he considered him as his guru.

He was got married in the year 1878. Even after getting married, Pamban Swami lived the life of a saint. He took charge of his family business and done it successfully, through the divine grace of Lord Muruga. He and his family were cured of several health-related problems, by applying Lord Muruga’s sacred ash(Vibudi) on their body. Pamban Swami also took only simple food, and also took only one meal in a day.
In 1891, Pamban Swami wrote Shanmuga Kavacham, for the sake of Lord Murugan’s devotees, in order to protect them from physical and mental problems, and also to protect them from their enemies. If we recite it with pure bhakti on Lord Muruga, then we will get several positive results in our life.
Also, Pamban Swami has written Panchamrita Varnam in praise of Lord Muruga.
He has written a poem called Tiruvorumalai Komagan.

Once while he was at Kanchipuram, Lord Muruga appeared in the form of a young man and took him to Kumarakottam Murugan Temple.
Once, Pamban Swami has got upadesam (Divine chant), directly from Lord Muruga who appeared to him in the form of Palani Andi.
In 1895, Pamban Swami took sannyasa and left his village. He went to George Town at Chennai, and there he was welcomed by an old lady, and she provided him with food and accommodation, as per the instructions of Lord Muruga, which was given to her in her dream. And Pamban Swamigal has accepted her invitation and stayed there for some time.
He died in the year 1929. Before his death, he told his followers to have strong faith on Lord Muruga and to worship him with pure bhakti.
A great saint and a Muruga devotee, who has spent his life in devoting Lord Muruga, and sung his praises, and spread the bhakti of Lord Muruga to the people. He was a gentle and soft-spoken person, who contains spiritual powers. Let us pray to him with sincere devotion and chant his name and Lord Muruga’s name and be blessed.