What could be more serene than the lamp you light. And lamps are one of the most common yet unnoticed essentials we use for several purposes – puja, decoration, good vibes, name whatever.
But of course, you cannot think of lamps and lights without your wicks, right? The floating Oil wicks are much better an alternative for the traditional cotton wicks. If you are still using the cotton wicks, check out why should you replace them with floating oil wick here.
We are here to help you keep your house always lightened by the lamps. Here is what makes us the most reliable seller for Floating oil wicks.

1. We pack with safety in mind As the whole world is going through the pandemic, the only way we can fight it is by practicing the safety measures. We make sure our products are well cleaned, sanitized and safe for the aura of your lovely adobe.
2. We dispatch within 24 hours of getting orders in most cases We don’t believe in the theory of delaying. Unless under any circumstances of severe transportation issue, we make sure to dispatch within 24 hours of time. We will lit up your mood and home, in no time!
3. All products are counted to ensure quality delivery and best packaging A gift without a good packing can really ruin the mood. To bring you the gift of great delivery, we emphasize a lot of value on quality delivery of the products you order. We ensure you the best packaged good and quality delivery.
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