While we usually filter out the population into various religions, we tend to unite on grounds of celebrations and traditions. Being raised in a country as diverse as India, celebrating occasions, and customs of various religions have been such a common sight, we generally don’t even appraise how beautiful the culture is. 

Besides the shared feeling of content, joy, unity, we share immense glow and light while we celebrate each of these festivities.

A lit flame
uniting the diversity of religions together.

Think of the day you celebrate your festival, you have to decorate your house and later visit the place of worship you belong to. The first thing you will use to decorate your home and the place of worship on the special day would be – lots and lots of light. You will see that you can see any holy shrines – be it the mandirs, gurudwara, or church – and you will see that the beautiful display of lighting will be present everywhere.

I personally cannot think of celebrating any of these festivals without the flickers of light all around me, wherever I see. Not only is it a treat to my eyes but the sheer sense of positivity – one can only be content cherishing these festivals. 

These lit flames not only unite us on the days of festivities but on a daily basis too. Charming, isn’t it? 

Not only on our big festivals, we cannot think of decorating our sweet homes, performing our daily prayers without the serene lights.

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