The source of purity, positivity and devotion in our lives in a lightened diya. And our star product, floating oil wicks (parsi vat) go too well with it. Be it any daily ritual or any auspicious occasion for the matter, floating oil wicks (parsi vat) bring piousness in our hearts and minds. The effect created by the wicks brings us peace of mind and heart. This effect could be ruined by ordinary wicks that don’t light up instantly. And that doesn’t happen with our oil wicks. Its efficiency and purity have made it our best of products.

If we get to the point if it floats over a water-oil mixture, then yes, it’s possible.

But that happens only when the layer of oil is thick enough to keep the wick completely dipped in it. Until and unless the wick touches water, it’ll float and stay lit. but to keep it lit at all times, you need to make sure the wick is submerged in oil at all times.

This feature makes floating oil wicks unique because normal cotton wick or desi ghee wicks (link here) will not float in water.

This floating wick property makes it a perfect fit for big decor ideas. Like if you have a big bowl and you wish to float some wicks over it you don’t have to fill it all with oil, you can simply put lots of water and then a thick layer of oil and then add flower petals to it to make the wicks float.

It usually goes on for 7+ hours. Anyway, as long as there is oil in the container in which the wick is floating, it will stay alight. 

Well, we’re not asking you to simply trust our word. Why don’t you try it out yourself and become another fan of our wicks? Buy them, right here!