Every morning, we prefer to start our day by lighting a diya. Every religious occasion starts with lighting a diya as well. Even every memorable event also includes lighting of a diya. 

What makes it so important? 

Even if we don’t know the exact answer to it, we have all surely felt it. Even if we can’t put the importance of a diya into words, we have witnessed its effect many times.

That positive ambience in our home in the morning is brought by this diya. The positivity that we feel and purity that enters our hearts, is all the effect of a diya. A diya contains the essence of a Hindu household, with a charge to bring everyone together and fill them with utmost positivity. 

That flame of the diya is what actually does all the work. Just like the fire diminishes the impurities around it, it also takes over the impurities inside us and burns them down, only to replace them with good thoughts and peace. 

And how much would that effect go down with a wick that doesn’t light easily and goes off that easily as well? That’s the reason to use floating oil wicks or parsi vat and enjoy the effect to its full. Don’t know how to get them? Buy right here from pujasamgrionline.in.

When one flame is so powerful, who wouldn’t want to have more than one?

Not only will it have more effect, there will be greater aesthetics as well. 

Well, if the question is if we can put more than one wick in a single diya, it completely depends upon the size of the diya and also upon the quantity of oil in it. Oil is the fuel for the wick to keep it lit. There should be enough oil to keep all the wicks soaked, so as to keep them lit.

Don’t think anymore and heighten your religious experiences with the floating oil wicks.