Floating oil wicks, which are also known as Parsi Vat, are gaining a lot of popularity in the market, as they come in handy for many religious and traditional purposes. Initially, people weren’t aware of its virtues so it was difficult for them to consider buying it for their daily uses while praying or for cultural celebrations.

But after knowing all the benefits like its long lasting use, safe packaging, good quality build, and striking similarity to the conventional products used – we have started observing them be flooded in the markets for all the right reasons. 

It is understandable that for the larger masses, the question might arise about how to make sure that they are buying the correct product. Well, the answer lies in knowing what a floating oil wick made up of.

These Parsi vats are made with essentially three main components that you need to look at when buying a pack.

The base is made up of good quality cork, this ensures the long-lasting usage of the oil or ghee that you might use in your diyas, lamps, home decor. Always check there are no breakages here and that it maintains integrity. 

Second is the candle-like wick, which is made from cotton and has premium quality wax around it. This material is used as it is a great absorbent and helps in using the oil constantly, without extinguishing in between. So when you check a floating oil wick, ensuring the quality of this wick is a must.

The last but the most critical is the protective film that is on the top of the cork surface. This part ensures that the cork doesn’t get burnt and also the absorption of the oil to be limited to as much as needed and making sure that the flame doesn’t burn too bright and extinguish itself too fast.

Having known the specs and pros of this conventional yet new product that everyone is raving about, why not try your hands on a pack of these too? Buy them here at Puja Samagri Online.