Diwali is the festival of lights, to celebrate the victory of good over evil, right over wrong. For centuries now, Diwali is celebrated in Indian households by worshiping goddess Lakshmi the goddess of wealth, lots of decorative lights, diyas, and firecrackers. The celebration includes the making of rangoli, patterns created on the floor from powdered colors, delicious foods, exchange of gifts, etc.


But the essence of the festival lies in the lights and that too diyas.

Today, everything has come down to being fancy. Undoubtedly, there are extensive options for beautiful and efficient candles in the market but they can never beat the authenticity of earthen diyas. The purity and effect that diyas impart cannot be matched by candles, no matter how pretty. 


Now, if you’re questioning the feasibility of using diyas, we have a way to make it easier for you. pujasamgrionline.in has its star product, floating oil wicks, extremely easy to use.

Where normal wicks don’t light up instantly, floating oil wicks do. Where normal wicks don’t stay lit for long, they do for 7+ hours, given they’re dipped in oil.

Another amazing feature of our floating oil wicks is that they can even float over a water-oil mixture. Yes, it happens until the level of oil is enough to keep the wick submerged in it enough, at all times.


Everyone gets the task done with candles these days but this year, try the floating oil wicks from pujasamagrionline.in and feel the difference. The decor of your home will rise at least 100 levels and it’ll also bring a sense of satisfaction to your heart. The auspiciousness brought by the diyas and floating oil wicks will make you stick to them for the rest of your lives. What are you waiting for? Buy them right here.


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