Puja, the deep practice of getting in touch with the superior power within us makes a great part of our day. It’s a wholesome experience when a family gets indulged in the act of faith.

Amongst all the elements of puja, from dressing up the idols, the bells, aartis, lamps, and the great ambiance it all creates, it is difficult to choose the favorite part. 

It’s a calming experience all in all.

But that’s not all it is. The practice of puja holds great benefits when done daily.

To name a few:

Positive start of the day

What is better than starting the day with a calming effect and positivity? That’s what puja brings to our day. It brings peace and strength to deal with whatever the day has to offer.

Family time

Spending time with family while at dinner and spending time with them while doing puja are two completely different events. Puja gives us a chance to be thankful for having each other and celebrate happiness together. 

Positive energy

Surely, you have experienced the ambiance created by the aartis and hymns for puja. Wouldn’t you want to start every day with it? The positive energy released from it gets carried with us all through the day and positively affects every aspect of our day.

Help with dealing with challenges

The comforting effect of puja puts our minds in the right place and brings clarity to it. It brings faith in the supreme power and in ourselves that leads us to make the right decisions, act right, and deal with any anxiousness or any other challenges.

If puja is not a part of your daily routine, these reasons will surely get you there. And, we can help you make it easier.

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