Karwa Chauth, a glorious festival celebrated with full rituals and traditions, is celebrated in many parts of India by both married and unmarried women. Since, this festival falls on the month of Kartik, this year it will be Thu, 13 Oct.

As per the belief, if married women observe fasting throughout this day, it would prolong their husbands’ lives and bring happiness to the family. With this, the wife establishes her immense devotion to her partner. 

But this beautiful festival is a lot more than just showing her love and devotion.

Karwa Chauth Thali plays an integral part in the celebration of the festival. So why not deck it up this year in a little more trendy and premium way? 

The most integral part of a women’s Karwa Chauth Thali is the diya. The longer it burns more happiness and blessings it brings.  

This Karwa Chauth, upgrade your thali and make it different. Transform your diyas with a no mess diya for pooja at less than ₹1. Make your diya last during the whole pooja with Pujasamagri’s  Floating Oil Wicks that last for 7+ hours.

5 ways to decorate your Karwachauth Thali 

1.Decoration with oil

On a plain thali, make a design with the help of an earbud dipped in oil. Spread colored powder like sindoor, roli, or haldi on the design and shake gently to disperse the shading equally.

Flip the Thali upside down and shake off the excess color. The oil will hold the required color, giving you a beautiful design on your Karwa Chauth pooja thali. Complete your thali by placing a kalash filled with water, a sieve,  sweets, flowers, and an earthen diya lit by a floating oil wick.

2.Decoration With Velvet

This one is pretty simple yet can turn your ordinary pooja thali into premium traditional Karwa Chauth thali. Spread a piece of velvet cloth tinted with beautiful shades of red. To upgrade your thali and make it look more rich and classy, you can even choose a velvet cloth embroidered with a beautiful delegate design. Complete your thali by placing a kalash filled with water, a sieve,  sweets, flowers, and an earthen diya lit by a floating oil wick.

3.Decoration With Laces

If you are someone who likes more subtle and simple pooja thali, you can opt for decorating it with traditional laces. Spread along the sides of your pooja thali with beautiful laces. You can paste a simple red cloth on the thali and decorate it with the same lace. To add more dazzle, paste tiny mirrors to decorate your lace further. Lastly, place all the necessary pooja items on the thali – a kalash filled with water, a sieve,  sweets, flowers, and an earthen diya lit by a floating oil wick.

4.Decoration With Flowers

If you want to add freshness to your Karwa Chauth thali, all you need is to arrange beautiful colored petals of roses, marigolds, chrysanthemums, jasmine, or any of your favorite flowers. Spread them in concentric circles and carefully place all your pooja items like kalash, sieve, diya, and sweets on them. To glam it up more, you can run a beautiful lace around the corners of the thali, sieve, and neck of the kalash. 

5.Decorating With Gold

Gold is timeless. To make your thali look different from others, paint your thali with a shimmering shade of gold. Do not forget to paint the kalash, edges of your sieve, and the diya with the same gold paint. 

You can add some golden embroidered laces or shiny sequins to make it a themed thali. Choose the lace or sequence in contrast i.e., something in silver. Top your thali with an ever-illuminating floating oil wick that will last as long as your Karwa Chauth rituals.

With these incredible ideas for decorating Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali, get ready to enjoy all the attention from ladies during pooja. Embellish these ideas into practice to make lovely Karwa Chauth pooja thali at home. To get more items related to pooja or decorating your mandir, visit https://pujasamagrionline.in/