No matter what Hindu festival you are celebrating, it’s incomplete without a ghee lamp, a.k.a diya. Lighting the lamp is the first step when people initiate the pooja. 

But why do we light a diya?

To invoke God’s presence at the location and awaken your own inner spiritual vibe. Further, it enables you to remove any negative energy (if there). Even though it’s okay to use either oil or ghee, ghee lamps are still traditionally preferred over oil lamps.

Along with adding positivity to the air, do you wish to add a natural scent while doing your pooja?  

Try Camphor-scented ghee wicks that will leave you with a mesmerizing scent, invoking your consciousness much faster and taking you deeper in your meditations and prayers.

Here are some of the significance of using ghee in a lamp while doing any pooja.

4 Important significance of lighting a ghee lamp

Awakening the seven chakras

The energy centers in your body are referred to as chakras. Our body has seven chakras, and for them to work optimally, they must be open and balanced. In case of blockage, you could feel emotional or physical symptoms linked to a specific chakra.

So how to keep them in alignment?

Religious rituals like puja and various Sadhana are known to open the seven chakras in your body and invoke your inner spiritual power. An oil lamp is useful, but only flows the vibrations to open the first two chakras i.e., Muladhara and Swdhishtana. But, on the other hand, the fragrance and elements of a ghee lamp with camphor scented ghee wick ignite the other chakras like Manipur and Anahata along with activating the Nadi. 

Enhancing the essential sheaths

There are three main Gunas– Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Depicting positivity, impetuousness, and lazy tendencies, respectively. 

If you are someone who believes that spiritual growth is directly proportional to a cheerful attitude you keep,  a ghee lamp is all that you need. Lighting a ghee wick while doing puja or meditation, it boosts the Sattva Guna – thus simplifying your spiritual journey.

 Aura and flame

A lamp with wicks soaked in oil shows yellow and red color components that depict divine consciousness and radiant energy. 

If you wish you witness an additional energy i.e., blue component, go for a ghee lamp with camphor scented ghee wick.  The blue aura created by this wick represents spiritual emotion, enabling you to channel more spiritual vibrations while doing pooja, ritual, or meditation.

Spreading positivity

Ghee is not only good for the gut but also helps in increasing the flow of good energy. 

For the best results, use an earthen or silver lamp filled with ghee and  ghee wick pointing east or north. Make sure the lamp burns for as long as it can. For that you can jyot holder that can protect your lamp from burning off due to air. 


 It will facilitate consuming more energy.

So now you know why our ancestors always believe and preach towards lighting a ghee lamp along with jyot soaked in ghee.

Ghee and fire are thought to combine to create extremely potent spiritual energy. Burning a lamp with ghee is equivalent to setting up a potent spiritual yantra at the location. The Shastras claim that a ghee lamp can attract the aura of Kubera, the god of wealth, and help us acquire prosperity, prominence, power, and luxury in our lives.
If you wish the same, brighten up your mandir and fill it with sweet fragrance of camphor with  our ready to use camphor scented ghee wicks.