From the land of sunrise (Arunachal) to the land where the sun bids goodbye for the day (Gujarat) and everything in-between, we are united by the symbol of hope and happiness, a Diya.

Diyas are very easy to find. BUT is keeping them lit that easy?

It is, when you’re being smart enough to choose the right wicks. Floating oil wicks! This Diwali was so much easier because of jaldeep. No more cotton wicks and constant oil refilling. Floating oil wicks stay lit for more than 7 hours. The cork material used to produce the wicks helps it stay afloat. It is so astonishing to see how such a tiny thing holds the land of diversity together. Irrespective of religions, castes, cultures, and languages, Indians celebrating the festival of light is mandatory. 

Alex from Goa bought Parsi vat for the lantern festival while Prerna from Hyderabad searched for Teliyade Camuru. No matter how different everyone is, one thing that connects all of us is our love for traditions and practices. The only difference might be how we light it and for how long.  No matter what the generation is, lighting the lamp will never go out of fashion because of what it symbolizes, and what it means to every Indian. No matter who you are,  Floating oil wicks are the holy grail of diya. 

Would you prefer a ghee based alternative? We have that for you as well. Our camphor scented desi ghee wicks are extremely convenient to light and don’t even leave any residue.

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