Do your morning prayers. Have you done the arti?

These are some common things we usually hear in every Indian household said by our parents and grandparents every morning. 

But have you wondered why?

What is the need? Why they are so fussing about doing arti every morning?

Arti plays a crucial role while performing any holy ceremony in the mandir. The main idea is to gather around, put out some time from your mundane routine duties, and focus on your inner senses and mind while exclusively dedicating your time to God. It enables you to connect to the higher power, offers you peace of mind, and energizes you for the whole day. 

Key aspects of performing an arti:

An arti thali that has diya with a lit wick is clockwise circled in front of a deity during an arti. And why is it done?

It is considered a sacrifice of deep devotion that expresses a sense of unrestrained love for the high power.  Talking about the scientific aspect, the entire ceremony is to inculcate five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space in your morning routine. 

While performing the arti, the divine flame from the wick signifies fire, dhoop from an incense stick represents air, the chanting of arti indicates space, while the dandvat pranam downwards signifies the earth. 

Furthermore, performing arti daily with guided mantras enables you to set a routine, thus helping you to align your daily tasks, enhancing your mental sanity, and guiding your little ones towards better practices. 

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Moreover, in our Indian culture, it is always believed that performing arti helps garner blessings from your God. Thus, helping you ​​guard against misfortune and offering you the fortitude to deal with challenges in life.

A peaceful mindset at the start of the day manifests a prosperous day ahead. Bring in some positivity in life and attain the ultimate sanity by doing uninterrupted arti with floating oil wicks.  

Step closer to the ultimate enlightenment each day by starting your morning with puja and arti.