Siddheshwar also known as Siddharameshwar and Siddharama was born during 12th century AD at Solapur, Maharashtra. He was a great “UNIVERSAL SAINT” and he belongs to lingayat caste. Siddheshwar has contributed his service towards the Lingayat’s development. He was a great Kannada poet and his motto was the service to the people.
Siddharama has written many devotional texts and is regarded as the most famous poet.
Siddarama was considered as the main Spiritual guru. He was interested in conducting inter-caste marriages. He participated in social-related activities and undertook several irrigation projects.
Lord Shiva appeared as Mallinath and met Siddharam in Solapur, Maharashtra.
Siddharama installed 68 lingas at Sonnalige at Maharashtra. Siddarama dug lakes and built temples. He has conducted weddings for the poor and downtrodden people. He has spent most of his time towards the welfare of the people.
Siddarama has accepted Chennabasavanna as his Guru. Gifts and charities were made in his name by the kings. He was very much talented in yoga. His yoga was transformed into Shivayoga. Another important stage in his life is the initiation given to him by Chennabasavanna towards leading a spiritual life.
1.Sthotra Threevidhigalu written by Siddarama
2. Ragavanka has written Siddarama Charitra, the history of Siddarama.
3. Jayadevi has written Siddarama Purana.
Siddheshwar, who was a great Kannada saint and a devotee of Lord Shiva, has done many miracles in the life of his devotees. He cured several dreaded diseases of his devotees and has given peace of mind. He removed the BAD KARMA from the life of his devotees and has taught them the holy path of spirituality, and the service to the general public. He was talented in all forms of art and was an ocean of spiritual knowledge. Let us worship this great “GURU” and praise him with full of devotion in our mind, and live happily forever.