Vibhishana was the brother of Ravana, the king of Lanka as per Ramayana. Vibhishana was the youngest son of Kaikesi and Sage Vishrava.

Even though he was a Rakshasa, Vibhishana was of a noble character and advised Ravana, to return Sita to her husband Rama. When Ravana did not listen to his advice, Vibhishana left Ravana and joined in Rama’s army. Later, when Rama defeated Ravana, Rama crowned Vibhishana as the king of Lanka and he returned to Ayodhya.
Vibhishana had a pure mind and a pure heart. From his childhood, he was meditating the name of the Lord. Even when asking for a boon to Brahma, he asked him to give the boon of staying permanently in Lord’s feet and worshipping him. This prayer was fulfilled and he served Rama, who was a divine avatar.

Because of Vibhishana’s advice, Lord Rama was able to succeed in the Lanka war, and he killed Ravana. After becoming the king of Lanka, Vibishana has changed his rule to the path of Dharma.
When Rama was about to leave Ayodhya at the end of his reign, he asked Vibhishana to stay on earth and to guide the people to the path of Dharma. Hence, Vibhishana is considered as one of the seven Chiranjeevi.
During the coronation of Rama, Vibishana was presented with the idol of Sri Ranga Vimana. While he was carrying the idol to his kingdom of Sri Lanka, he took rest for some time, by placing the idol on the banks of river Cauvery. After some time, he tried to lift the Vimana, but it could not be lifted. Lord Vishnu appeared to him and said that he desired to stay as Ranganatha in the place, which is now called as Srirangam.
King Vibhishana who was of a noble character, and who helped Rama in defeating Ravana during the war. He was one of the seven Chiranjeevi and is still living on this earth. He is considered as a great devotee of Lord Rama. Let him bless us and guide us in the correct path, and give us all the necessities in our life.