The year 2022 is coming to an end. We are all looking for a great new 2023 with lots of prosperity, happiness, and health. What if we tell you that you can accomplish all these by following a few simple steps at the beginning of this new year? 

Many Vastu experts claim that following some fundamental Vastu principles and making the necessary adjustments is relatively easy to accomplish.

Here are some of the basic Vastu tips that you can follow in 2023 to enhance your quality of life:

  • Clean and declutter your home: Start your New Year with a clean and clutter-free home. This will help to create a positive energy flow and make your home feel fresh and welcoming.
  • Place a metal wind chime at the main entrance: Metal wind chimes are believed to attract positive energy and bring good luck. Whether or not you believe in the power of wind chimes to bring good luck, they can be a beautiful and enjoyable addition to any outdoor or indoor space.
  • Using a red or orange at the entrance: Red and orange are considered auspicious colors, according to Vastu Shastra. Using or keeping a red or orange colored object near the entrance can bring positive energy and luck into your home. And what’s more positive than entering your home to the Ganpati Bappa statue? 
  • Light a lamp or diya: Lighting a lamp or diya is believed to bring positive energy and dispel negativity. You can light a lamp or candle near the entrance of your home to welcome the New Year. Give your home a long-lasting brightness with floating oil wicks lasting more than 7 hours. 
  • Have a positive attitude: Above all, having a positive attitude and mindset can go a long way in welcoming the New Year with positive energy. You can shift your stress and relax your mind by simply hanging a poster in your room. This works really well for students decking up for exams and entrances in the upcoming year. 

Success might not be guaranteed, but there is no harm in giving a try to these a healthy practices. If not all, these might help you enhance your lifestyle and direct it towards a better and more peaceful environment.