Thirumalisai Alvar (4203BC-297AD) is a Tamil Vaishnavite saint born at Thirumalisai in Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu. He was considered as an “AMSA” of Sudarsana Chakra.
Since he was born at Thirumalisai, he came to be known as Thirumalisai Alvar. The name of the Alvar comes from his birthplace, Thirumalisai. Actually, He was the son of Bhargava maharishi. He was born without hands and legs. He was blessed by Lord Vishnu and he turned him into a healthier person and granted hands and legs. After some time, He was brought up by a blessed couple and become known as Thirumalisai azhwar. And the couple also had a son named Kanikannan, who was later become a disciple of Thirumalisai Alvar.
He contains a lot of spiritual power. Once when a Pallava king was ordered him to exile from his kingdom, Alvar has asked God from the temple, Yathotkari, to leave with him. And the god has also come with him. Knowing about his importance, the king canceled his order and asked the Alvar to stay in his kingdom.
He has done a lot of miracles in the life of his devotees. He has cured their diseases and brought happiness in their life. Being an “AMSA” of Sudarsana Chakra, who is known for his fast movement, he was also a very active and knowledgeable person and contains very good qualities. He provided annadanam as a regular exercise to those guests who arrived at his place and took care of them mercifully.
He was the main person in spreading Sri Vaishnavism across the globe. Being a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu, he has asked his devotees to frequently utter the names of Lord Vishnu.

A great devotee of Lord Vishnu, who is living in the abode of Lord Vishnu, in the “VAIKUNDA”, is still blessing his devotees in a pleasing manner. He is hearing our prayers from “VAIKUNDA” and informs our prayers to Lord Vishnu, in order to solve our problems. It is also believed that worshipping the divine GURU is greater than that of worshipping directly to the god. GURU will ascertain and analyze our problems and will plead for us to the SUPREME GOD. Hence if we worship both the divine GURU and the GOD, we will get blessings from both of them. Similarly, it will be applicable for Thirumalisai Alwar also. Hence let us tell our problems to this great Alvar, and let us pray to him and to Lord Vishnu and be blessed.