Krishna devotees are well aware of how much care and affection we need to show to Ladoo Gopalji and we try our best to do the best sewa for him.

However, sometimes we aren’t aware of all the kriyas that are very important for Kanhaji to be happy in our homes. One of those rituals is the shyan kriya, which is when we put Bal Gopal to sleep.

Here, we will guide you on how to put Ladoo Gopalji to sleep, and what steps are needed to be taken –

Firstly, we should remove the shringar that we have applied on that day, and change his clothes to simple cotton clothes, so he is at comfort. 

The clothes should vary according to the seasons – which means that you should have simple cotton attire for summers and heavy woolen dresses for the winter time. 

Also, during the winters you must ensure that he has a warm blanket that you cover him with as he goes to sleep, different from the ones used in summers.

Then you should prepare the bed for him, and sing him to sleep with beeja mantras or any lullaby that might help Bal Gopal fall asleep. If you do not have a separate bed for Kanhaji, then you can buy a comfortable bed with jaali protection, here.

After all these steps, you may cover him with a comfortable blanket, and leave some water for him – which should be covered – for him during the night time. If you wish to leave him his favourite snack of a ladoo, you can do so too, if he feels hungry at night.

Make sure you follow these steps every day during the same time frame and not miss out on any of the details as it is our duty to take care of Ladoo Gopalji through all these kriyas.