The festival of lights, Diwali is a big deal for us Indians. We wait for it the whole year, and when the day finally arrives, the divine and stunning spectrum of lights is bread to our eyes and souls. It goes without mentioning the relation and significance of lights on Diwali. We leave no stone unturned to brighten our homes and society. While the process is very satisfying and contentful, it sometimes can turn to be a costly affair. Today, we have ways you can celebrate your Diwali keeping the expense low but without making compromises on the grandeur of the celebration on the day.  It is almost impossible Diwali without the holy diyas and their lights shining bright in every house. But diyas require a whole lot of bundles of cotton wicks. And we wish to help you with exactly just that, Puja Samagri Online has the best collection of floating oil wicks for you that will help you reduce the cost of your Diwali expense. Read below, to know how –

1. If we were to do a longevity competition between floating oil wicks and cotton oil wicks, it is proven the floating oil wicks last much longer than the cotton oil wicks. Almost 7+ hours! 

2. A diya that stays lit for more than even an hour might need a wick change a couple of times, leading to about ten of such when compared to how long a floating oil wick or a Parsi vat may last. So when you light your diyas our way, you might not need a 10 of such floating oil wicks, but only one, when lighting a diya for long durations.
3. You can reuse the oil from floating oil wicks which is totally impossible in the case of cotton oil wicks. We all know how much oil is wasted during the occasion, wouldn’t reusing be a nice option to have?

Make your Diwali an amazing one and this time, spending lesser than ever before. Order yourself a pack of floating oil wicks here and lighten up your home sweet home!

Spend less, Shine even brighter. Happy Diwali!