The Kartik month is the eighth lunar month according to the Hindu calendar, and the full moon day or Purnima during the month is known as the Kartik Purnima. As per Vaishnava traditions, Kartik month is also referred to as the Damodara month – which is one of the names of Lord Krishna.

But the reason why this month is revered the most is that it is the holiest month in the lunar Hindu calendar. Usually, people hope to take a dip in the Ganga or other holy rivers, during this month – the best time for this when the Kartik month starts on Sharad Purnima and ends on Kartik Purnima.

In 2020, the dates for Kartik Month are from 1st November till 30th November. This auspicious month includes many important days that are to be celebrated such as – Diwali, Karva Chauth, Tulsi Vivah, Vasu Baras, and culminates on Dev Diwali. All of these days are some of the holiest days of the year, but the month’s importance is not limited to them.

This entire month is the best time to reap blessings as in this month all the prayers are heard by Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna by daily prayers and chanting ‘damodarashtakam’. In these times of COVID-19 pandemic, it is not advisable to travel to places of worship or gather in large groups – and that is when the importance of praying at our own homes becomes even much greater.

In such trying times, only prayers can help the sufferings of our loved ones and the entire world, and so make sure you never miss the preparations of your pujas in this month twice a day. According to the Vedas, we should light the jyot twice a day, and chant the mantras for our prayers to be heard. Use our PSO’s Samarthdeep oil wicks for a long-lasting jyot, to keep your mandir illuminated throughout the day during the festivities.

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