While making your purchase for the wicks for your daily jyots and other celebratory events, it can often get confusing about which one to buy – the conventional ones or the latest products. We understand your confusion very well, after all as an ecommerce platform that aims to provide puja items to people with various preferences, we try to stock up on every need of the market. 

In this article, we’ll take you through a unique comparison of the qualities of each kind of wick, so that you are aware of how to make the choice according to your needs. As the title suggests, we will consider the topmost selling kinds of wicks, which are – the cotton wicks, the desi ghee wicks and the floating oil wicks (or Parsi vat).

Cotton wicks

  • Starting off with the most common kind of wicks that we can find in local markets, as well as our elders making it by their own hands – the cotton wicks are essentially the simplest of the lot.
  • These are made of cotton, rolled into thicker or longer wicks, and they usually need to be soaked into any kind of fuel such as oil or ghee to be lit for your needs. 
  • These can last about an hour or 30 mins at the very maximum, depending on the size and the amount of fuel used.

Desi Ghee Wicks

  • These ones are considered to be the most optimum for daily pujas that we conduct in every household twice a day. They are small and they fit into a lamp of any size.
  • These are also made of cotton, but they are then doused in 100% pure desi ghee, with zero wax in it, and then stored into safe packaging along with a hint of the beautiful natural fragrance of kapur (camphor)
  • These ones last about as much as the cotton wicks but you are free from the hassle of checking if you have ghee ready for soaking or not – as you can just pick one out from the box and illuminate your holy spaces instantly. 

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Floating oil wicks

  • These wicks are also known as Parsi Vat, and they are probably the newest form of wicks that have entered the market and are loved greatly by our customers who have given it a try. 
  • Floating oil wicks are made of a cork base, with a wax-covered cotton wick that is quite firm in its center, and then you have a metallic film which protects the durability and integrity of these wicks for a long period of time.
  • The list of pros for this one is quite large – it comes in small secure packs, and you can just pick any one of it and place it in oil to use, it also lasts for about 7 whopping hours so it can serve any long prayer events, it also can be helpful when you want to stock up for almost a year and not worry about it going bad. 

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