Oil wicks are the essence of every religious ritual. It even stays as a part of every morning in an indian household. A thing with such great importance has to be pure and easy to use at the same time.

We know of one such product that becomes the symbol of light and purity in our lives and you should have it too. The floating oil wicks or Parsi vat from pujasamagrionline.in are as pure as any religious product gets and absolutely convenient to use in every aspect.

As far as the question of the size of the wicks is concerned, it doesn’t really matter. The floating of the wick doesn’t depend upon the size of the wick at all. Rather, it floats because it is made of cork, a substance that’ll float irrespective of anything.
The size of the wicks come into question only with respect to the size of diyas. Until and unless they fit inside the diya, all is well. Other than that, the size of the wicks does not affect its purity or working in any manner. Neither does it affect it’s floating property nor it’s the duration of staying lit.

An oil wick lasts for about 7+ hours in preferable conditions. Not only does it last long but also gets lit up easily. It can also float on a water-oil mixture, given the tip of the wick touches oil at all times. Because obviously, water is going to eliminate the flame. The flame of this wick brings light to our hearts, thus giving us peace of mind. Its function and effect in our lives go way beyond just giving light.

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