Which oil to use to light up the lamps with floating oil wicks and why

Choosing the correct fuel for the lamp that lights our auspicious events and prayers has always been confusing for many people. After all, we have so many options in the market and we never know if we should use something we have at home or buy new stuff. 

To clarify all these doubts, we have made a short list of the perfect and traditional ways to help light a diya and please the lords.

  • Desi Ghee

Cow’s desi ghee is probably the safest bet when we want to use something that is conventional and also is approved for any occasion or prayer. 

According to the Vedic sciences, using pure desi ghee can help bring positive energy into the environment as well as introduce physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. It also helps purify the Manipur and Anahat Chakras and cleanses our nadis.

  • Pancha Deepam Oil

The Pancha Deepa oil is backed up the most with religious sciences as it wards off evil and brings prosperity through the lighting of the lamp with it. 

It’s correct proportions according to the conventions are – Sesame or Coconut oil – 35%, Cow Ghee – 20%, Mahua Oil – 20%, Castor Oil – 15%, and Neem oil 10%, all combined together. In the market, the ratios can be slightly off, but you can buy ready made ones too.

  • Sesame Oil 

This is also known as Gingelly oil or Til oil, and is used to remove doshas and negativity. It is also used while doing mantras and japas to please the gods. 

This one is cheaper than the options above and can also be easily available from the market, and used directly, as and when needed.

  • Mustard Oil


Mustard oil is the most commonly used one because it is very easy to source and also affordable, as people usually light a lot of lamps in their mandirs and houses. 

It is also recommended for Shani Puja, to ward off any evil eye on the family. You can get kacchi ghani freshly squeezed ones, or bottled ones from mainstream brands for your daily lighting usages.


Having known all the options that we can source easily from any local or supermarket, you’d be at ease knowing what fuel to use for which occasion, and have a better and calming prayer experience each time. If you haven’t tried out the floating oil wicks or are running out of your current stocks, then buy them at Puja Samagri Online at the most affordable prices.