If there is one God who can offer you lessons in the “Art of Living”, then it’s only Lord Shiva.
He is generally known as the lord of sympathy & compassion, Shiva can destroy ignorance and grant wisdom.
Here is a quick look at the 10 different life lessons we can learn from this great Hindu god.

1. Materialistic pleasures are provisional:

Lord Shiva was never attached to wealth. He was least bothered about material possessions.

2. Suppressing the negative energy:

The lesson here is to gain control over the negative thoughts and emotions that exist in you. In fact, this is a big lesson to anger management too.

3. Respect Women & Treat Them Equally:

Shiva treated his better half Parvati as his equal. They lived like two souls in a single body. It signifies the concept that Shiva & Shakti are eternal & inseparable.

4. Tolerance, determination and Calmness:

Shiva is a yogi. He sat and meditated for hours together. Tolerance, endurance, clarity of thought and wisdom are a product of a calm mind & it’s a result of meditation.

It’s advised that you wear Shiv Ji Rudraksha Mala. There are many benefits to wearing Rudraksha Mala. It gives you positive energy and can help you stay calm and focus.

5. Overpowering The Ego:

A person who successfully controls his mind and ego is always tolerant. The ‘Trishul’ that Shiva holds signifies the same. Trishul is the only weapon of Lord Shiva. It is the symbol of power & strength.

6. Attention, Focus & Concentration:

Attention, focus and concentration will propel us forward.

7. Superior Perception And Powerful Vision:

The third eye of Shiva signifies vision. When you’re able to look beyond what is evident, then you gain the power of superior perception.

8. Nothing Is Permanent:

Nothing is permanent in this world, so death and birth are inevitable. This simple understanding would free us from sorrows.

9. Do thorough research on something you are likely to get into:

Always research before you get into something new. Maa Ganga, encased in Lord Shiva’s hair signifies the end of ignorance.

It’s always important to gather information before you plan to start anything new.

10. Dance:

Dance is a medium of expression. It’s a great way to channel one’s energies into something constructive. It helps calm the mind too.